Wednesday, November 14, 2012



  1. which an ancient spirit responded, a voice from beyond the Linc...

    Here's what I say to this shameful display of senseless fanaticism: Look, you's guys (that's an attempt to relate to Philadelphians by speaking their native tongue of Whi-bonics (pronounced, of course, "wE-bonics"))...we all had a youth soccer coach who told us to "play your heart out, kid" - sure, you gotta have passion for the game. But you's guys have half-wittedly taken that one gem of advice without listening to the second half of the pep talk...without hearing the countervailing tenet of sports: "ya gotta have your head in the game." You's are all heart and no brains. For if you's guys had brains, you's would consider the following:

    During his 13-year tenure, Reid has compiled the best win total (120), winning percentage (.609) and playoff victory total (10) in team history. He has captured six division titles and five trips to the NFC Championship game. Since he was hired in 1999, no other franchise has earned more divisional playoff round appearances (7) and only Bill Belichick's New England Patriots have exceeded Philadelphia's (5) conference championship game appearances with (6). Since 1999, Reid has also sent 19 players to 44 Pro Bowl appearances, the highest total for any team in the NFL during that period. None of these players had ever appeared in a Pro Bowl before Reid was hired.

    But hey, look you's guys's's, maybe the Andy Reid era has run its course. Maybe. But by completely turning your backs on Coach Reid, without any recognition for the success (and value!) he's brought to your Iggles (*shudder...god, I loathe that word...) AND to your city, you've dropped your windpants and shown your hairy butts and proven that your passion is not for the game, but for the "W". And if it ain't a "W", then it's an "F-U" to the entire Eagles organization, from owner to Gatorade wench. And that ain't right. This is what makes you's guys not fans, but fanatics. And this is what makes you's guys, Philly sports fanatics, the mockery of all spectator sports.

    And so the rest of us laugh at you's guys. And after a short while, it's no longer funny, and we shake our heads and pray that you's will continue to suffer from the spitefulness that poisons your heart and benumbs your brain., fanatics, fly...on the road to infamy...

    1. "only Bill Belichick's New England Patriots have exceeded Philadelphia's (5) conference championship game appearances with (6)"

      dude when you actually use the number as part of the sentence (as opposed to talking about what the number represents without it being part of the sentence)you can leave off the parentheses.

      really glad you're so much smarter than philly fans though.

    2. Said the spirit in reply: This isn't about me. This is about you, David. This is about you...

      In his haste, the spirit copied and pasted, without editing, that paragraph from Wikipedia, the holiest of annals of sport.

      Have a blessed day :)